Sherique homework club - Track Academy
Young people who grow up in disadvantaged areas can sometimes end up believing that they are just the product of their local circumstances and lose faith in their ability to affect their own lives. This project supports the personal development of young people living in North West London. It uses a mixture of study support, athlete development and mentoring to help participants realise that their attitudes define their chances in life. The academy looks to address issues such as truancy, antisocial behaviour, poor discipline, poor concentration and obesity, whilst providing positive role models and pathways for gifted athletes to succeed. It aims to increase participants’ academic performance, confidence and self-esteem, as well as their employment opportunities and physical health and fitness.


Trisha Halai – Maths Tutor

Trisha is our resident Maths Tutor, with a degree in Mathematics. She is dedicated to ensuring our student-athletes strive to achieve exam success. Through an individualised approach, each student-athlete is given the specific support they require.

Arthur Castro-Smith – Maths Tutor

Arthur, an Athlete himself, has a self-confessed love for maths. He is currently undergoing a sports degree at Brunel University. He is passionate about our young student-athletes excelling at Maths. Arthur allows our students to challenge themselves and prepare for exams as meticulous as they would a competition.

Dalia Francis – English Tutor

Dalia is a full time English Teacher who believes in helping our student-athletes reach their potential in English. Students are given a thorough walk through in exam preparation, how to answer questions and structure answers with Dalia’s input. Dalia leaves no stone unturned in our student-athletes’ development as they aspire for examination success.

Jade Smith-Brown – English Tutor

Jade extends her role at Track Academy by supporting our young athletes with their English curriculum. Jade has a huge interest for English Literature. Furthermore, our student-athletes are supported in their essay writing skills by Jade.

Educational Support at Track Academy: Did you know?

  • Over 100 hours of educational support has been offered so far this year
  • All athletes have free access to educational support
  • Years 7 – 9 GCSE and AS / A Level support is available
  • 90% of athletes aged 18+ are at university
  • 100% of athletes are in education, employment or training