Maths Tutors Wanted

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Maths Tutor Job Description

Post title: Maths Tutor

Key purpose: To deliver the tuition at Track Academy’s educational support services.

Accountable to: Education and Mentoring Coordinator

Responsible for: Connie Henry’s Track Academy Supplementary School Athletes (both under 18s and 18+)

Time: 9am-11am

Location: London NW10

Hourly rate: £15 per hour (2 hours per week)

DBS disclosure: Enhanced DBS required

Please send your CV and cover letter to Janice Zeniou – and we will then organise an interview/assessment date.

Person specification


  • Essential – At least 5 GCSEs grades A-C (including maths grades A-A*)
  • Essential – A level maths grades A-A*
  • Essential – Maths graduate/undergraduate
  • Desirable – QTS or other relevant teaching qualifications

We are happy to consider those who do not have all the above qualifications if they can demonstrate their ability to support student athletes up to GCSE level during the paid trial period in the role.


  • Essential - working as part of a team
  • Desirable - working with young people in an informal setting (after school clubs, charity organisations etc.)
  • Desirable - teaching/tutoring experience

Character traits

  • Positive and encouraging
  • Willing to challenge behaviour in a firm and fair way
  • Excellent timekeeping and organisational skills
  • Proactive rather than reactive

Key duties and responsibilities


  • Meet and tutor students at the designated location and times.
  • Undertake some liaison and teamwork duties in order to contribute to the integrated nature of the project and implement Track Academy’s wider goals such as:
  • Attending scheduled staff meeting, briefings, parent-teacher interviews/pastoral meetings.
  • Participating in professional development opportunities.
  • Complete requested administrative tasks accurately and on time:
  • Prepare a comprehensive learning programme.
  • Plan and submit lessons ahead of time including resources for the delivery of tuition.
  • Assess and track the progress of athletes with standardised tests every 6 weeks.
  • Write termly student reports (end of Autumn, Spring and Summer).
  • Identify individual learning styles and needs and plan learning experiences that will enable all students to achieve success.
  • Be able to differentiate between different learning needs and accommodate all varying intellectual needs.
  • Know and understand a range of learning methodologies and technologies and their application in the classroom.
  • Ensure appropriate content of teaching and learning in line with curriculum demands.
  • Ensure the wellbeing of athletes by:
  • Sharing supervision duties with other staff diligently.
  • Appropriately assisting students who are hurt, sick or in distress.
  • Identifying child protection risks.

Classroom management and behaviour education

  • Establish positive and maintain a task orientated learning environment.
  • Set and adhere to timelines for completion of work.
  • Negotiate and implement consequences, if expectations are not adhered to.
  • Respond appropriately to student behaviour and escalate prolonged, repeated or severely irresponsible behaviour to your coordinator.

Assessment and reporting of student learning

  • Maintain accurate and comprehensive records of student progress and achievement.
  • Use assessment tasks that are purposeful and relevant to the teaching and learning programme and the learning needs of students
  • Provide students with positive feedback on performance that reinforces student achievement and focuses on improvement.
  • Provide detailed, accurate and informative written and oral reports about students as required by the school.

Additional duties/responsibilities

The nature of Track Academy work is such that tasks and responsibilities can be unpredictable and/or varied. All staff are therefore expected to work in a flexible manner when tasks that are not specifically covered in their job description have to be undertaken.

Track Academy is a learning organisation and is committed to excellence:

  • All staff have a responsibility to contribute to making Track Academy a better and ultimately excellent, learning organisation.
  • The post-holder will, as required, contribute to materials/resources/publications/newsletters/website and team meetings.
  • The post-holder will be aware of the provisions of safe guarding, health and safety in accordance with Track Academy’s expectations.
  • The post-holder will uphold and reflect Track Academy values and policies in respect of equality and diversity in all they do and say.



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