Maths Tutor

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Connie Henry’s Track Academy

Maths Tutor Job Description

Post title: Maths Tutor

Key purpose: To deliver the tuition of Track Academy’s educational support services.

Accountable to: Education and Mentoring Coordinator

Responsible for: Connie Henry’s Track Academy Supplementary School Athletes (both under 18s and 18+)

Location: Capital City Academy G9/G9a (NW10 3ST) and Meeting Room, Willesden Sports Centre (NW10 3QX)

Hourly rate: £15 per hour

DBS disclosure: Enhanced DBS required

Key duties and responsibilities



  • Meet and tutor students and the designated location and times.
  • Undertake some liaison and teamwork duties in order to contribute to the integrated nature of the project and implement Track Academy’s wider goals such as:
    • Attending scheduled staff meeting, briefings, parent-teacher interviews/pastoral meetings.
    • Participating in professional development opportunities
    • Complete requested administrative tasks accurately and on time
      • Prepare a comprehensive learning programme.
      • Plan and submit lessons ahead of time including resources for the delivery of tuition.
      • Assess and track the progress of athletes with standardised tests every 6 weeks.
      • Write termly student reports (end of Autumn, Spring and Summer).
  • Identify individual learning styles and needs and plan learning experiences that will enable all students to achieve success.
  • Be able to differentiate between different learning needs and accommodate all varying intellectual needs.
  • Know and understand a range of learning methodologies and technologies and their application in the classroom.
  • Ensure appropriate content of teaching and learning in line with curriculum demands.
  • Ensure the wellbeing of athletes by:
    • Sharing supervision duties with other staff diligently.
    • Appropriately assisting students who are hurt, sick or in distress.
    • Identifying child protection risks.


Classroom management and behaviour education

  • Establish positive and maintain a task orientated learning environment.
  • Set and adhere to timelines for completion of work.
  • Negotiate and implement consequences, if expectations are not adhered to.
  • Respond appropriately to student behaviour and escalate prolonged, repeated or severely irresponsible behaviour to your coordinator.

Assessment and reporting of student learning

  • Maintain accurate and comprehensive records of student progress and achievement.
  • Use assessment tasks that are purposeful and relevant to the teaching and learning programme and the learning needs of students
  • Provide students with positive feedback on performance that reinforces student achievement and focuses on improvement.
  • Provide detailed, accurate and informative written and oral reports about students as required by the school.


Additional duties/responsibilities

The nature of Track Academy work is such that tasks and responsibilities can be unpredictable and/or varied. All staff are therefore expected to work in a flexible manner when tasks that are not specifically covered in their job description have to be undertaken.

Track Academy is a learning organisation and is committed to excellence. All staff have a responsibility to contribute to making Track Academy a better and ultimately excellent, learning organisation.

The post-holder will, as required, contribute to materials/resources/publications/newsletters/website and team meetings.

The post-holder will be aware of the provisions of safe guarding, health and safety in accordance with Track Academy’s expectations.

The post-holder will uphold and reflect Track Academy values and policies in respect of equality and diversity in all they do and say.

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