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Investing in the future takes care of itself when you tend to your young people in the present. That’s the Track Academy way.

Track And Field Athletics


  • Tuesdays and Thursdays – 5:00pm – 6:30pm
  • Saturdays – 11:00 am – 12:30pm

Track Academy deliver a high quality, affordable and holistic training programme to local communities, aged 10 (primary year 6) to 21 years old, which is not matched anywhere else in Europe. We help the most deprived children and young people in London fulfil their potential in life through sport and have been transforming their lives since 2011.

We provide a strong emphasis on three disciplines of athletics: ‘Run, Jump, Throw’, with the introduction of group swaps to encourage the development of inter-group communication to widen experiences of the student athletes.

Track Academy not only host indoors and outdoors meets twice a year, but also encourage athletes to compete in fixtures track and field events locally; South of England and Nationals competitions ranging from U13, U15, U17, U20, U23 and seniors.

Track Academy is affiliated with a registered competing club based London. Athletes are issued with an (England Athletics) EA number which is uploaded onto the ‘Power of 10’ website, when competing. The ‘Power of 10’ provide UK targets and ranking positions and is known to motivate competitors, coaches and clubs.

Once a year, an opportunity of a life-time, senior athletes are invited to train aboard amongst elite international athletes with their coaches. Warm Weather Training overseas, is not a holiday camp, but a training camp to gain learning experiences of new techniques, a chance to discovering strength and abilities in warmer climates as well as an opportunity to re-charge and focus on techniques and speed drills.

Multi-Skills Athletics

This need was based upon research, which indicated that by the time children reach secondary school age, their physical activity levels will have already peaked and are actually declining – making it challenging to re-engage them and increase their levels of physical activity (Health and Social Care Information Centre, 2013). Therefore, Track Academy took the decision to open these new sessions up to 8 -10 year olds, targeting school years 3 – 5.The Multi-Skills division at Track Academy was created on 7th June 2016, following an identified need to lower the joining age at the academy.

The Multi-Skills Athletics Programme focuses on developing the athlete’s multi-skills including:

  • balance, coordination and agility through game-play;
  • life skills including team work, resilience and leadership through challenging situations;
  • athletic ability by learning the basics of Track and Field; and
  • Sport, Health and Exercise knowledge through interactive workshops.

In terms of competition, the programme targets the annual trio of Indoor Minithons held at Lee Valley Athletics Centre, where athletes get the opportunity to compete in three athletics events across one afternoon.

For many, this is their first experience of an official athletics competition beyond a school environment. At Track Academy, we host an annual Indoor and Outdoor Competition, allowing our youngest athletes to showcase their talent to the rest of the academy and beyond.

Lastly, each year the Athletics calendar includes an international competition where all of the top athletes in the world compete i.e. Olympics, World and European Championships and Commonwealth Games.

Within the Multi-Skills group, we host an internal competition allowing athletes to feel like they are a part of these great sporting events.


Health and Social Care Information Centre. (2013). Health Survey for England 2012: Physical activity and fitness. The Information Centre: Leeds.

NBTrack Academy provide training, mentoring and educational support 50 weeks of the year and are closed for two weeks at the beginning of September for annual leave.

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