Thanks to the Back to Movement Project, Plias Resettlement is able to help young people who have dropped out or are disengaged from education and who are familiar to the judiciary, with the opportunity to get back on track through sports. Offering multi-sports plays an important role in a successful rehabilitation of the target group and reduces re-offenses. The project aims to support the young people’s general fitness, confidence and new sport/skill development. The organised events and tournaments allow the participants to meet the other young people and strengthen their social skills post-pandemic. With special competition organised with the MET police sport team, should strengthen and support the relation the ex-offenders have with police.

– 16 to 24 year olds with experience with the criminal justice system
– 2 sessions of 4 hours per week for 4 months
– Across 3 locations (Alperton, Vale Farm and Willesden Sport centre)
– Football, basketball, tennis and hockey
– Focussing on rehabilitation through sports
– In collab with MET police
– Focussed more on social skills


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