Amar Aichoun

Amar has been engaged with Track Academy since the age of 13. He joined after a hospital stay where he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

He developed a strong relationship with his coach Shereen Rose, pictured above with Amar. According to his mother, this has been a huge help in developing “a new can-do attitude” since he “is more likely to welcome the staff assistance which was always in place”.

Through this attitude shift, he has competed and trained consistently as a Track Academy athlete as long as his health has permitted it. With encouragement from his coach, he signed up to Parallel Success (British Athletics) which led to the opportunity of being classified as a para athlete on a fully-funded trip to Dubai at the age of 19, competing for Team GB and winning a silver in the 100m.

Amar’s willingness to get involved in all aspects of Track Academy’s programme has seen him develop into a great communicator. He has attended the supplementary school consistently for English support following his D in GCSE English at college. He felt quite down about having to retake the exam, but with support from his English tutor and athletics coach, he passed on the third attempt.

Track Academy supported his UCAS application and he secured a place at Brunel University to study Sports Science.

Amar’s increased self-confidence has been important in developing his leadership skills as he has moved into adulthood. He has represented Track Academy by running stalls out at college open days; has helped as a coaching assistant with younger athletes and has volunteered to support staff and athletes at competitions. We are able to rely on him as a team member since he is always open to giving us a hand.

Always striving for more, Amar has now completed his Level 1 Athletics Coaching badge and now has his sights set on his Level 2. Track Academy’s 360 degree support system has helped to take him from being a teenage boy who was physically impaired by his illness to a young adult “who has overcome fears related to his disability” according to his mum.

He is now an alumni member of Track Academy, an athletics coach, university student and competing international athlete. In March 2018, he was selected to represent Great Britain at the Commonwealth Games which is his highest athletic honour to date and we are so proud of him.


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