Get obesity running, jumping and throwing

Get obesity running, jumping and throwing

June 2017

Children at risk of obesity should get running, jumping and throwing, says Connie

As a study finds a link between childhood obesity and depression, Track Academy founder Connie Henry says young people should turn to athletics for the start they need in life.

New research from the VU University Medical Center in the Netherlands has found that being overweight at the ages of eight or 13 more than triples the risk of developing major depression later in life. With one in three English children in their last year of primary school found to be overweight or obese*, Connie from the Willesden-based charity has stressed the myriad benefits of athletics.

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Children at risk of obesity should get running, jumping and throwing, says Connie Henry

“This sport has a unique ability to combat obesity,” said the former triple jumper, who won a bronze medal at the 1998 Commonwealth Games. “With activities including running, walking, jumping and throwing, athletics caters for all natural body types, mindsets and energy pathways. What’s more, the basic skills needed for athletics can be learned through play and fun activities, making them even more appealing to children and young people.”

Connie added that it is vital to teach youngsters about the importance of healthy eating, alongside putting them through their athletics paces. “Track Academy doesn’t just work on the physical aspects of a healthy lifestyle; we also offer education and mentoring programmes,” she explained.

“As a result, our student athletes are taught to understand healthy food choices through enjoyable sessions. This helps them to guard against becoming overweight or obese, and promotes self-confidence and a positive outlook.”

Track Academy is a registered charity which uses sport for social change among young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. Based at the Willesden Sports Centre in Donnington Road, academy members are given inspiration to succeed both on and off the track.

Alongside athletics coaching, they attend education sessions to help them gain qualifications, encouraging them to carve out fulfilling lives away from negative influences.

To find out more about Track Academy by Connie Henry, visit or call 07956 715052.


Photos show: Young people from Track Academy learning about nutrition at a healthy eating session. *Statistic from the National Child Measurement Programme.

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