Tsimang Ekango

Tsimang is one of Track Academy’s role model alumni and has been with us for many years. She lives with regular bouts of chronic illness and has been admitted to hospital for many months at a time over the past years.

This has been very frustrating for her as she hasn’t been able to train, work or study as she would wish.

At times when she felt low and non-motivated by these setbacks, her mentor (who has similar health concerns) would encourage her about how to move forward whilst working to boost her confidence and self-esteem.

Tsimang has always been a very hard worker and despite her condition, caught up on her studies and got back into the flow of work. She was determined to achieve good grades, go to university and recently graduated from the University of Liverpool with a 2:1 in law.

Her attitude is excellent and she is a delightful person to have at Track Academy. She is a very good peer mentor and showed a natural flair for showing support to the rest of the athletes. This included coming back as an alumni student athlete when she was at university to talk to current student athletes about her experiences.

Tsimang has always been a good leader and an excellent example to others. She led a team in raising £130 for Save the Children at an athletics meet and has been a very good communicator with staff at Track Academy.

She has also been a volunteer during our community outreach work with the elderly, as well as volunteering to help out with trackside tasks during our sessions. These key experiences at Track Academy led to Tsimang to start assisting in the co-ordination of Track Academy’s mentoring and education programme between 2017-18. Her role expanded to include other key areas such as grants, media and sports at Track Academy for the new generation of student athletes.

Her journey has been truly inspiring and we look forward to seeing what she will push herself to achieve in future.

Q&A with Tsimang

Q. How old were you when you started at Track Academy?
A: Roughly 14.

Q. Why did you join Track Academy?
A: My dad said he couldn’t have couch potatoes for daughters.

Q. What has been your biggest challenge in athletics and how has Track Academy helped to manage this?
A: Staying consistent when I get tired and not allowing my form to drop.

Q. What is your biggest accomplishment in athletics?
A: Simply being an athlete. My condition has meant that in general I’m encouraged not to exert myself too much, but being able to say I was a student athlete gives me a huge sense of pride.

Q. What’s is your biggest accomplishment in education? How has Track Academy supported this?
A: Definitely getting a degree. Being Track Academy alumni during my degree meant I had access to advice from other student athletes who had completed their degrees. I received loads of advice about stress management and anxiety which really helped me to stay calm and focused.

Q. What opportunities have you experienced via Track Academy?
A: I worked at Somerset House which was amazing, and I’ve also been given a reference by Track Academy for every paid job I’ve had.

Q. How important is your relationship with Track Academy staff and athletes?
A: Really important. I’m really appreciative of all the help I’ve gotten along the way and I’m looking forward to maybe becoming a more permanent staff member.

Q. What Track Academy experience can you take with you to your next endeavour?
A: Experience with charity coordinating.

Q. What advice do you have for young student athletes who want to join Track Academy?
A: Listen and execute both on and off the track. Track Academy staff are genuine and sincerely have your best interests at heart. You’ll learn so many life skills if you choose to take advantage of the opportunities.

Q. What is your plan for your future?
A: Hopefully UN work after getting my masters.




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